Update on Stewardhip

Thank you for your continuing generosity to the parish in this difficult time. Because contribution envelopes are arriving scatter-shot all week, it is difficult to provide an exact figure in any given week. However, contributions for the Week of May 24th are slightly in excess of $4,500. And special thanks to the increasing number of parishioners who are taking advantage of electronic giving. Instructions for that can be found on one of the large banner on this website.

Your generosity to the 2020 Annual Catholic Appeal is much appreciated. As of this week, pledges amount to $44,254 of which the sum of $39,369 has already been received.

This week the parish received a disbursement from the Generations of Faith Campaign in the amount of $3,367.50. Thank you to all who have proven so faithful in fulfilling your pledges from the campaign that began over five years ago.

Upcoming Events

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