Update on Stewardship

Thank you for your continuing generosity. We are receiving envelopes each week through the mail and in our mail slot. The average weekly contribution through envelopes has been averaging $1,900 to $2,000 each week. That is well below the pre-pandemic figures. BUT some envelope-users are making monthly rather than weekly contributions because of the cost of postage or difficulty getting to the rectory. AND many parishioners are taking advantage of electronic contributions. Between April 15th and May 17th, the electronic contributions have reached $5,355. Please consider taking advantage of electronic giving. You can consult the banner at the top of this website for instructions.

To date, 125 parishioners have pledged $41,679 to the Annual Catholic Appeal, bringing us closer to our goal of $99,015. The Appeal Office has already received $36,194, Thank you.

Payments continue to be received by the Generations of Faith Campaign. Our parishioners have contributed $1,088,806. Very impressive! Thank you and God bless you.

Upcoming Events

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