Faith Formation

Faith Formation begins for the Christian on the day of Baptism. Within the family “parents are the first of teachers; the best of teachers” in the Faith. As individuals mature the parish assist parents in passing on the Faith of the Church to their children.

As Christians journey through life, they are assisted by the Sacraments which are explained and unveiled by formal instruction. Adults, too, after lived experience are also called to reexamine their Faith which can not only help them through the trials of life, but also prepare them to share it with future generations.

Some individuals who were not Baptized or introduced to Jesus at a younger age seek to discover Jesus at a later period in their lives. The Parish Faith Formation Ministry seeks to accompany these individuals through a period of inquiry and learning as well as the accompanying Rites of Christian Initiation as they seek membership in the Roman Catholic Church.

Faith Formation is the Life’s Calling of Every Follower of Christ!

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