Message From Monsignor Ryan

Dear Parishioners,
We are currently living through one of the most anxiety-ridden times that we have ever faced. There have been other stressful experiences, it is true. Just after I returned to this wonderful parish, for example, we endured Super Storm Sandy. But this is different. In other times of crisis we have banded together for mutual support, in prayer, and in our efforts to bring relief to those most affected. After the terrible events of 9/11, crowds packed churches, prayed and wept together at Funeral Masses and Services, provided the comfort that can only come with physical as well as emotional and spiritual closeness. One of the most tragic aspects of the current pandemic is that it is isolating us from other people. Our churches are closed. Public Masses are banned. All of the spiritual and social activities that forge and strengthen the bonds of communion and community have been suspended indefinitely. Students cannot enjoy the unparalleled experience of learning in common or engage in the enriching athletic and scouting activities that foster their maturation.
Permit me to bring you up to date on the restrictions that have been imposed upon us and on the measures that we are taking to keep us united as a family.
As you know, public Masses have been discontinued until further notice. This now has been extended to funeral Masses. Holy Week services and Easter Mass cannot be held as planned. As of noon today, March 20th, all churches must be closed and locked to prevent spread of the Corona virus. In view of this, I have arranged to live stream Sunday Mass beginning this Sunday, March22nd,at 11:00am. You can find it on the parish website and on the parish Facebook page. Even after Mass concludes, the tape will still be available for viewing. If possible, I urge you to tune in to the live stream and unite yourself spiritually to Jesus’ sacrifice and to your brothers and sisters in Christ. Our Deanery is looking into some more extensive use of the internet to keep us connected to the fullest extent possible. And as Holy Week approaches, I will be exploring the possibility of live streaming some of the services.
The Parish Office is now officially closed. But we can still be reached by email [email protected] or phone 718-347-3707.
Bishop DiMarzio has dispensed all Catholics in the Diocese of Brooklyn from the obligation of attending Sunday Mass and from the Lenten abstinence from meat on Fridays.
Finally, I wish to thank you for your patience, for your expressions of concern for our well-being at the rectory, and for your continuing generosity. In that regard I must remind you that, although the parish office is closed, bills must still be paid. If you can, I urge you to continue your accustomed level of giving to our parish. Please mail your contributions to us or simply drop them through the mail slot in the office door. I cannot impress upon you enough how vital this will be to our on-going life as a parish.
Long ago our parish patron, Pope Saint Gregory the Great, was instrumental in stopping a plague that threatened to destroy the population of Rome. The statue of the angel atop Castel Santangelo is a reminder of the good saint’s intercessory power. May he, our patron saint, join us as we pray for divine protection and an end to the pandemic of 2020.

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