Sunday Mass Celebrants’ Schedule – April 2021

Date:Easter Sunday April 3/4April 10/11April 17/18Vocations’ Prayer Day April 24/25May 1/2
5:00PMFather O’Connor
8PM Vigil
Father JohnsonFather JohnsonFather O’ConnorMsgr. Pawson
8:00 AMFather JohnsonFather O’ConnorFather JohnsonFather BethgeFather Johnson
9:15AMFather BethgeMsgr. PawsonFather O’ConnorFather Johnson
Father Bethge to preach
1st Communion
11:00AMFather O’ConnorFather JohnsonFather O’Connor
Newly Baptized
Father Bethge1st Communion
12:30PMMsgr. PawsonFather O’ConnorMsgr. PawsonFather JohnsonFather O’Connor
1st Communion & Heroes
5:15PMNo MassFather JohnsonFather JohnsonFather O’Connor
Father Bethge to preach
Father Johnson